Monday, March 8, 2010

SPAM Tasting: Cheese Edition

A group of my friends gets together on Friday nights to socialize and I threatened to bring back different SPAM varieties from Hawaii so we could do a taste test. This is the first of three tastings; Bacon SPAM disappeared somewhere between HNL and BWI.

SPAM with Cheese...I choose this first because it the only one that I had that wasn't flavored. There's little cheese nuggets/pockets/bits mixed up in the SPAM so I figured it would taste like SPAM but with cheese pockets. The can had a recipe for the SPAM breakfast burrito thing pictured on the front. We agreed that it would be a good application of this product.

SPAM with Cheese fresh from the can.

SPAM with Cheese cubes frying to golden brown and delicious on the stove.

I like my SPAM cooked, pan fried to be exact, so I cut it up into cubes and lightly fried them until the outside was browned and the inside was hot. My first reaction was, "OK, it tastes like SPAM." Then one of the little "cheese" bits oozed into my mouth and I thought, "OK, it's SPAM with what Cheeze Wiz probably tastes like." The cheese felt a little gritty and stuck to the roof of my mouth, like Crisco does, for a couple of seconds.

Other reviews included:
"It's SPAM with a cheese like product."
"I've never had SPAM before but I'm going to eat this because you made has the consistency of Vienna sausage or a hot dog."
"I think I'll stick to regular SPAM."

My final verdict? I wouldn't go out of my way to purchase SPAM with Cheese. I don't think it would be tasty in SPAM musubi but it might be good with rice and eggs for breakfast.

Happy eating! - KP

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