Monday, September 30, 2013

33 or Bust

Dear Readers,

It has been awhile since my last post but I've been rather busy over the past year. My grand Yakudoshi experiment has truly been an "adventure." What did I do? Here are some of the highlights:

February 2012 - Certification in I guess I have some credentials now.

March 2012 - Traveled to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, The Czech Republic, and Slovakia. Expanded my knowledge of European cuisine.

April 2012 - Planned and cooked lunch for 300 at Defending the Gate. SO MUCH FOOD and they ate most of it.

May 2012 - Started culinary school.

September 2012 - Went home for the Okinawan Festival and learned how to make andagi.

September 2012 - Volunteered in the Green Room at Intervention ( and was asked to return as staff next year. Catered the BSR ( party.

December 2013 - Hosted DBF's parents for Christmas for the first time.

January 2013 - First SCA feast as head cook in 10 years. Lunch and dinner for 50ish and came in over $100 under budget. Got my money's worth from those whole chickens.

April 2013 - Took over as head retainer to the Baron and Baroness of Bright Hills. Many "light lunches" in my future.

May 2013 - Traveled to the Barony of Madrone, An Tir (Seattle, WA) to work in my friend's kitchen at Crown Tourney. Packed my knives and had a great weekend in a camp kitchen.

May 2013 - Invited to be Kaffeeklatsche Chef (set-up and refresh the coffee and snacks) at Balticon (

August 2013 - Pennsic! First time in over 7 years and I spent the long weekend cooking. Worked with House Blackstar/Barony of Bight Hills to do Mongolian BBQ night, dinner for the King and Queen of Atlantia and guests, and Baronial Meet and Greet/Baron Chirhart's Birthday. Plus I decorated two cakes on-site...decorating with butter cream while camping!

August 2012 - Ran the Green Room, Enabler Party, and BSR ( live broadcast party at Intervention (

September 2013 - Traveled to the Shire of Ballachlagan, AEthelmearc (New Manchester, WV) to work in Master Huon's ( kitchen.

I did some other, non food related, things as well. There's so many things that I want to share with you and I hope you stick around to find out how this story unfolds.