Monday, March 29, 2010

Small Scale Event Planning

One of my friends is holding a class at her house in a couple of weeks and I offered to take care of the food. I'll be doing lunch and dinner for 15 people. Of those people, 3 have a no dairy and no gluten diet. One of those three is also a vegetarian. And a fourth person can't have oranges.

The original plan went like this:

Lunch - quiche (1 spinach and 1 with meat); make your own sandwiches, pita pockets or roll-ups (lunch meats, tuna or chicken salad, cheese and vegetables); and crudites with spinach dip and hummus.

Dinner - corned beef (I already have a 16 lb piece), potatoes, carrots and cabbage

Dessert - I need to plan a dessert because I keep forgetting that people eat dessert, I rarely do.

Nibbly Bits (to be left out throughout the day) - mixed nuts, fruit, and the crudite platter

Drinks - water, tea, coffee (possible logistical problem since she doesn't drink coffee and I don't have a large coffee maker, possible DD purchase) and lemonade

Dinner is fine for everybody but the vegetarian. Lunch will be fine if I can find a non-gluten bread or wrap. My friend says that they sell really good gluten free chips at the store by her house and she'll pick up a couple of bags.

All my go-to desserts involve dairy and one of the no dairy no gluten people is an 11 year old girl so I want to make sure that I can accommodate her needs. Fruit pie with a gluten free crust? Wheat free, dairy free pumpkin pie? I'll try out the pumpkin pie recipe tonight. Does anybody else have any ideas?

Happy cooking! - KP

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