Wednesday, March 31, 2010

No Gluen No Dariy Pumpkin Pie (Part 2)

We tried the pie last night. I wasn't hungry enough for a whole slice so I had a taste of DBF's piece. The filling tasted like pumpkin pie but the crust left something to be desired. I almost want to say that it tasted like uncooked flour. It was not flaky, just crumbly. I understand that this is a result of there being no butter or shortening in the crust.

DBF's review was that it was OK but I should actually use the dark corn syrup instead of the molasses that I substituted. He liked it enough to eat 2 slices so I'd say that it was successful.

I also need to find a good egg salad recipe. I happen to like my bare bones boiled egg, mayo, relish, salt and pepper egg salad but I don't know if other people will want something fancier. Perhaps some mustard powder? Does anybody have an egg salad recipe that they like?

Happy cooking! - KP


  1. I'm not really that fond of eggs to begin with, and I've never had much use for egg salad. So whenever I do make it, I try to decide between the flavor sets of devilled or curried eggs -- and usually end up going for both. Mustard powder, definitely. And I always, always, always use dill relish, never sweet!

    Ok, I actually did record how I did that once...

    Alys' Deviled Egg Salad

    12 hardboiled eggs, chopped
    1 sm. chopped onion (1/2 c.)
    1/4 c. capers
    1/4 c. dill relish (1 chopped dill pickle)
    3/4 c. mayonnaise
    1 tsp. Coleman's mustard
    1 tsp. curry powder
    1/4 tsp. freshly ground pepper

    Toss first four ingredients together. Mix remaining ingredients thoroughly. Gently fold mayonnaise mixture into egg mixture.

  2. That was not bare bones egg salad. The egg salad I'm used to is eggs, mayo and a smidge of salt. That's it. And it's yummy. Boo relish and mustard. But since I'm likely to be eating other things and too stuffed to try it...