Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Party Like It's 4708!

Well, not until February 3rd but I need to start planning my Chinese New Year foods. Why? Procuring ingredients might require a trip to DC Chinatown or getting a care package from my parents. Do we have any requests for a recipe pictorial?

I want to make gao so I can pan fry slices of it in butter after it becomes hard (I also like fried mochi tossed in kinako and sugar). I think it would be difficult to get DBF to eat jai. Honestly, I don't like jai but my mother made me eat a little bowl every New Year when I was growing up so part of me feels obligated to have jai...same thing with ozoni. Pot stickers? I like pot stickers and it would be useful to have some in the freezer. Jin deui? Maybe if I had help consuming them because they're terrible cold/reheated.

Do you celebrate the lunar new year? Do you have a menu planned? Maybe I should just order take out from the local Chinese joint. Nah...what's the fun in that?

Warm Wishes,

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