Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Who's got two thumbs and...

...another prescription for antibiotics? This girl!

Sick=mindless cooking=no blog content=lame update...

I did make two batches of Good Eats Waffles that were promptly bagged, tagged and thrown into the freezer for quick breakfast food.

I've been checking out the recipes at Eating Well to get some meal inspirations. DBF can be difficult to cook for, what with the aversion to most green vegetables, so I've been perusing the "Kid's Recipes" and found an alternative for the homemade hamburger helper (ground beef, macaroni, onion, mushrooms & brown gravy mix). Hamburger Buddy will be gracing the Blackbird Tavern dining table this week.

DBF also reminded me that I agreed to make a Reuben pizza so that will need to happen before I abandon him, yet again, for my island paradise. Speaking of my island paradise, I'll be on Oahu for a long Presidents' Day weekend. I'll be attending a class, Valentine in Paradise, with my mother and grandmother. The class is about cardiovascular disease and prevention so, hopefully, I'll have something to share when I get back.

What's on deck: Port wine (kit) and Rock Hopper Penguin Stout (my recipe).

Warm Wishes,

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