Friday, January 7, 2011

Why start a project if you don't follow through? (Project Update)

Penguin date 7th of January 2011...the not eating out part of the project is not going well. This is mostly due to poor health and general laziness at Blackbird Tavern. But I want to focus on the accomplishments:
  • Boxed mac-n-cheese has been eradicated from the pantry.
  • Same for muffin/bread mixes (1 pouch of brownie mix and 2 pouches of taro pancake mixes remain).
  • We are generating less trash because our food comes in less packaging.
  • The holiday baking supplies have been put away.
  • All the baked good bomb boxes have been mailed and delivered.
  • The New Year's Eve food was well received and we're almost done eating the leftovers.
  • I have the fixings to make a big batch of Japanese style curry this weekend.
  • Thanks to The Kitchn I have a much better method for storing said curry.
  • The green onions that I'm growing from the bunch I purchased at the store are almost ready to plant.
How's your January going? I'm going to make a pilgrimage out to McCutcheon's tomorrow so I can restock my parents' pantry with orange marmalade and strawberry jam.

Best Wishes!

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