Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snowed In

We're getting quite a bit of snow in the DC Metro area this year. Being snowed in for the better part of the past week has taught me a few important things:

  • I need a better non-electric coffee brewer. I, sadly, rely upon other people to fuel my caffeine addiction and even the electric coffee machine is a POS. *Mental Note* Grab my French press from the parents' house. (I am done drinking "sex in a canoe" coffee.)
  • I miss having a gas stove. We lost power for 12 hours on Saturday and having an electric stove means no cooking. Fortunately, I have an indoor safe butane stove so I was able to keep DBF and I fed.
  • What I missed more than my oven and multiple burners was hot water on demand. Washing dishes, especially after cooking bacon, is not easy with only cold water and soap.
  • I miss grocery shopping. I haven't been to the store since Thursday and although I can feed the two of us for over a week out of the freezer and pantry, it isn't nearly as much fun.
  • The insulated pump thermos was one of the best investments I never made (free from work). We had hot water for tea and coffee and I didn't have to use extra fuel to boil water every time we wanted a refill.
For the record, I was one of the crazy people at the grocery store on Thursday trying to buy milk and eggs. But in my defense, I was actually running out and had planned to do some baking while I was snowed it.

To your health! - KP

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