Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pantry Chef: Snowed In Edition

I need to cook lunch for DBF and myself but I don't have anything defrosted. The crisper is looking bare and the only protein in the fridge is blocks of tofu and eggs. What's a Kitchen Penguin to do?

Deploy the emergency Spam and make tofu champuru with Spam! What's champuru you ask? The literal translation is "mix" in Okinawan. But in this case it's a stir-fried mixture of tofu chunks, Spam, round onion (I don't have any green on hand), cremini mushrooms (they're getting close to EOL) and egg to hold it all together. Champuru is like Okinawan refrigerator Velcro. I'll cook up a pot of rice and have some of the homemade takuan on the side...good eating :)

If only I had some goya(bitter melon)...

Itadakimasu! - KP

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